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Annerley Aquarium

Annerley Aquarium specialises in rare and unusual fish and carries an extensive range of African and American Cichlids, Exotic Tropical fish, Goldfish, and fish from all over the world. We also stock a myriad of quality equipment and accessories from traditional tanks to the very latest in fish keeping technology from the four corners of the globe. As a family business, Annerley Aquarium employs only experienced aquarists, so you can trust that you are getting the best information available. Visit us at 135 Old Cleveland Road, Greenslopes, Queensland 4151. Call Annerley Aquarium on on 3397 6266.

Annerley Aquarium

We aim to please, so come in for a chat with one of our specialists or enjoy some fish watching!

Annerley Aquarium

Our aim is to provide you with friendly, professional service, quality equipment and the correct advice.

Annerley Aquarium

We are located at 135 Old Cleveland Road, Greenslopes, Queensland 4151

Our Range Of Fish

Here at Annerley Aquarium, we stock a Huge range of Freshwater Fish from all corners of the globe, specialising in African Cichlids, Bettas and Discus Fish, Exotic Goldfish, Tropical/Cold Water, Walking Fish, American Cichlids, Siamese Fighter Fish, Rainbow Fish and Cichlid Varieties.

Discus Fish

Discus Fish

Discus fish originate from the Amazon region. They Inhabit Lakes, smaller rivers and streams. We have a large variety of Discus fish and are able to offer you expert advice on discus fish.

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  • American Cichlids

    American Cichlids

    American cichlids can be categorized into a few different families, South American, Central American and Dwarf Cichlids, all of these fish are quite interesting in their own manner.

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  • Tropical Fish

    Tropical Fish

    If your looking for Tropical Fish can visit us here at Annerley Aquarium for a full range of Tropical fish to choose from.

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  • Siamese Fighter Fish

    Siamese Fighter Fish
    These fish are native to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Siamese Fighter are found in rice paddocks, canals and floodplains.
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  • Goldfish


    Goldfish are a good fish for the newbie fish hobbyist who is wanting an Aquatic pet. There are over 100 goldfish varieties available. Goldfish are a popular fish that bring food fortune.

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    Ultra Violet Light units for Aquariums are popular as they help reduce Algae issues as well as killing any harmful parasites and pathogens Water is passed through the unit constantly from the aquarium, in turn giving the hobbyist peace of mind their water will be free from harmful organisms.

    African Cichlids

    African Cichlids

    African cichlids are adored for their striking beautiful colouration and attitude. They are very hardy fish, which makes them a perfect fit.

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  • Rainbow Fish

    Rainbow Fish
    Rainbow fish will always make a great addition to an already stock Aquarium or Pond, being that they adapt quite quickly to their surroundings.
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  • Tetra Fish

    Tetra Fish

    Tetras are a well suited fish to most Tropical Aquariums, normally housing small to medium fish. Tetras will benefit from being in a small/large group, more then 5 fish. Tetras have fantastic Colouring.

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  • Guppies


    Guppies are a well known ornamental Tropical fish that is wide spread in the industry. They are known to have strikingly beautiful colorations. Guppies are a small fish so better suited to smaller Tropical Aquariums or Nano Aquariums.

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  • Angel Fish

    Angel Fish

    Angelfish are a well sought after Tropical Fish in the aquarium hobby, due to their uncharacteristic body shape, making them a unique addiction to most Home Aquariums. Angel are not very fussy eaters, they will go for mostly anything from Flakes, Pellets, Frozen and Live foods when available. They will most always prefer larger aquariums.

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  • Exotic Chinese Goldfish

    Exotic Chinese Goldfish
    At Annerley Aquarium we stock a wide collection of Quality imported handpicked Chinese Goldfish in all shapes, styles and sizes. From Display Black Orandas to Pom Pom Goldfish we have you covered in selecting a stunning addition to your own home Aquarium. Exotic Goldfish are very popular in regards to the multitude of different body shapes and tail styles.
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  • Corydoras


    There are many species and colour morphs of Corydoras who are type of a bottom feeding catfish that like to be kept in groups of at least 5. C. Aracuatus are native to the floodplains and streams of the Amazon Basin. They grow to be about 5cm long and are a great tank mate for peaceful tropical communities with tetra species.


    Bloody Mary Cherry Shrimp and Yellow Cherry Shrimp - Native to Taiwan Cherry Shrimp are a dwarf shrimp species that have been bred for their vibrant colouration. They're available in a range of colours and morphs (Blue, Orange, Black etc. Cherry shrimp make a great addition to planted tanks and can even be kept with a few peaceful nano fish species.
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  • Oase Thermometer

    Oase Thermometer

    This thermometer can be glued to the outside of your aquarium wall, with the 6cm wide digital display it can be conveniently read at any time. Batteries included!

    Oase Heaters

    Oase Heaters
    The Oase Heatup is a high quality quartz heater that is thermostat controlled. You can retrofit these in to the Oase BioMaster, FiltoSmart and BioPlus filters for streamline heating on your tropical tanks.

    Oase Filters

    Oase Filters

    The BioPlus are a great corner filter that supports both mechanical and biological filtration. Integrate an Oase HeatUp in the back for streamline heating for your tropical needs.

    Oase Cannister Filters

    Oase Cannister Filters
    Our range of FiltoSmart and BioMaster canister filters are top of the line and ultimate convenience among external filters for aquariums. Complete set includes filter media, hoses, adapters and pipes.

    Nano Aquariums can range from 4 Litres to 60 Litres. They make a great addition to any home as they are normally Small and Compact, taking up as little room as possible. These Aquariums can be customized to house certain fish and invertebrates, and some will also come with Filtration, Heating and Lighting. Planted Nano Aquariums are also are great option to have in the home as they look like underwater gardens, if setup the right way they help to create an amazing ascetic feature, that would fit in well with existing decor. Aquascaping and Hardscaping Tanks are also in the cateorgory of Nano Aquariums.


    Custom Made Aquariums

    Annerley Aquariums has created many stunning aquarium designs for homes and commercial spaces. Our innovative designs create a piece of living art in your home, office, or lobby that is both tranquil and stimulating. We design freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and provide a wide variety of design choices for you to choose from so that we can achieve the look you want for your space.

    Call 3397 6266.

    Annerley Aquarium. 135 Old Cleveland Road, Greenslopes, Queensland 4151.

    Annerley Aquarium

    Annerley Aquarium was first opened in 1983 in a small shop in Cracknell Road Annerley. We outgrew the original premises and moved to a larger premises three doors up. Durng the 1990s we moved to our current premises at Coorparoo almost opposite the Langlands Park Bus Station.

    Water Chillers

    Aquarium Chillers

    Water chillers are more commonly used by marine aquarists than freshwater aquarists, due to several reasons. To being with, a given volume of saltwater is capable of holding far less dissolved oxygen than an equal amount of freshwater at the same temperature. When the temperature starts to increase above recommended levels in an aquarium, it is not always the heat itself that causes a problem for the fish, many fish are instead harmed by a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. The warmer the water, the lower its capacity for holding dissolved oxygen. This is true for both freshwater and saltwater, but since saltwater is capable of holding less dissolved oxygen to begin with the situation tend to become problematic sooner in a marine tank. Chillers are very important for either Marine Aquariums, Axolotls sometimes even Goldfish.

    If you are going away on holidays or unable to be at home to feed your aquarium, well then you would need a Auto Feeder. Simple but easy to program unit that will take care of the feeding routine for you. Best used with Pellets and Granulated fish foods and can be programmed to feed multiple times a day. We stock brands such as Eheim, Juwel, Aquaone. Automatic fish feeders are a great way to ensure that your fish are feeding regularly to promote optimum growth. Multiple feeding events over the course of the day spread out feeding activity, reducing oxygen demand spikes and promoting fish health and growth. Call Annerley Aquarium on 3397 6266.

    Fish Foods

    Fish Food
    Here at Annerley Aquarium we stock a wide and varied range of Food to keep all different types of Fish happy, whether you're looking for sinking Algae wafers for your Catfish or Dried Pellets for any Community fish. Fish foods are very important, as they will help with overall Health and Vitality or your fish. Most foods will have a certain amount of Protein, Vegetable matter and lots of other important ingredients depending on the Brand of Foods. There are a heap of options at Annerley Aquarium, some to mention are Flake, Pellet or Granulated, Dried Insects/Worms, Live or Frozen Foods (Bloodworm, Brineshrimp, Mysis Shrimp, etc).
    Flake Foods : Sera, Seachem, Spectrum, Ocean Nutrition.
    Pellet Foods : Aqua Magic, Sera, Spectrum, Ocean Nutrition, Hikari, Hai Feng and Aquatopia.
    Dried Insects/Worms.
    Frozen Foods : Hikari, Ocean Nutrition, Fish Fuel.
    Live Food : Live Crickets, Mealworms, Vinegar Eel Cultures, Woodies, Blackworm, Feeder Fish, Feeder Crayfish, Feeder Shrimp, Earthworms. We have a huge range of Fish Foods to suit any fish requirements, whether the fish be very small, up to very large type fish, some foods will also contain Garlic and Spirulina as well as many other Immune Booster ingredients. It's always a good option to change up the foods you feed your fish every now again.

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