Australian Rainbow Fish Australian Rainbow Fish

Australian Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish or Australian Native Fish are one of the most underrated Aquarium Fish, Ornamental fish for decades, being that most people if not all don't understand some of the beautiful colourations and attitude these fish can have at anytime during the day.

Rainbow fish will always make a great addition to an already stock Aquarium or Pond, being that they adapt quite quickly to their surroundings and will always readily accept most foods with ease and also tend to be quite easy to breed as well.

Rainbow fish can be found in most areas where there is local streams, Rivers and Dams sometimes. Rainbow Fish colourations can also be quite different depending on where they are located. Papua New Guinea is another area where Rainbow fish are located, one of the most popular Rainbow fish to come from this area is called Melanoteania Boesmani (Striking Orange Colouration).

Rainbow fish do prefer a aquarium with some vegetation as to help make the fish feel more at ease, being it's close to the environment you would find them in the wild, it also helps to increase the chance of them breeding. They will do really well on a varied diet of different foods, from Frozen to dried foods, and also some live foods like Daphnia, Live Black Worm and Brine Shrimp to give them a boost in colouration and vitality.

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