Discus Fish Discus Fish

Discus Fish

All Discus fish variants originate from the Amazon region in South America. They Inhabit Lakes, smaller rivers and streams. The water in this region is acidic, due to organic waste from Decaying Wood and Plant matter, and you should therefore provide your Discus with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

And sometimes the addiction of Black Water Extract and Reverse Osmosis water will really help with overall health, breeding and Vitality. Keeping several Discus cichlids together is a very good idea since Discus cichlids feel more at ease when in a group. There is a wide range of Colourations in Discus (Red, Green, Spotted, Striped, Turquoise, Blue just to name a few.

Discus cichlids like ideal water temperature situated around 28-30°C. Providing them with pristine water quality is of up most importance for these fish. Housing these fish with others can sometimes be a challenge due the discus fish being very quiet, calm and reserved, also they are very slow feeders and don't get a chance when with other fast moving fish.

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