American Cichlids American Cichlids

American Cichlids

American cichlids can be categorized into a few different families, South American, Central American and Dwarf Cichlids, all of these fish are quite interesting in their own manner. Some are small and some are going to grow large, so an aquarium with sufficient space and adequate filtration will have to be required for them to grow to their full potential.

The larger American Cichlids tend to interact with their owners and display striking colouration. Housing the Larger Cichlids together in a Community Aquarium tends to be quite the challenge because they don't like to play nicely, having either a spare tank or Divider just in case the fish get territorial.

So if need be the more aggressive fish can be segregated from other tank mates. Popular fish in this region are Convicts, Oscars and Jack Dempsey.

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