Goldfish Goldfish


Goldfish are in the carp family, the only difference is Goldfish have no barbells around the mouth like Carp do, and most won't get as large as carp, they are native to Asia. Abnormalities in goldfish are common and with centuries of culling and selective breeding, now has extended the goldfish varieties to well over 100 different types.

Goldfish tend to be a good beginner fish for the hobbyist who is wanting to try keep an Aquatic pet, the only downfall being they create a lot of waste in aquariums, so having a Filter which is suitable to keep up with the waste they produce is necessary. Goldfish prefer a Alkaline Ph as well as foods with little amounts of protein, because of the risk of bloating, Frozen de-shelled Peas, as well as our Homemade Pea & Prawn Frozen Mix as a treat, which will keep them in Optimal Health.

They will do best in most tank sizes or bowls, as long as its not overcrowded and you have adequate filtration. Water changes have to be of regular importance as to help reduce toxin levels formed by the fishes waste and food.

Goldfish will also benefit from a small pinch of Aquarium Salt Every water change, which helps to warn off any Bacterial Infections, some Parasitic diseases and also reduces the chance of Bloat or Swim Bladder issues.

Here at Annerley Aquarium we stock a wide range of Different Types of Fancy and Normal Goldfish , most are handpicked for the best quality and heath.

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