Marine Fish Marine Fish

Marine Fish

Over the years it has become easier for Hobbyists to keep and maintain Saltwater aquariums, due to the advances in equipment and accessories to help provide the best living conditions for your fish. There are a few different ways to keep Marine fish.

First being a fish only aquarium with live rock (FOWLR), Fish and Coral Aquariums, Reef Aquarium as well as Invertebrate aquariums. The main issue with Marine fish is not having enough sufficient Filtration to re-create water conditions where naturally found in the ocean.

Protein Skimmers which help in the reduction and removal of Organic Waste build up are necessary, as well as Temperature Controlled Chilling devices to help keep the Temperature as stable as possible and to reduce stress on Fish, Coral and Invertebrates. Larger Aquariums are normally a better option with Marine fish as to help reduce fluctuation in Water Chemistry and Temperature.

There is a wide assortment of different marine fish that can be housed in your home Aquarium, most with Vibrant Colours and array of different attitudes.

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